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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 7 day notice to landlord florida

Instructions and Help about 7 day notice to landlord florida

Bob go ahead hey good morning Tom I guess I speak on behalf of everyone thank you so much for all your advice we really appreciate the show I'll try to be brief here I've got a apartment building over here that's a hundred years old had a tenant and the upstairs unit putting cigarettes out on the deck and you know throwing the cigarette butts everywhere I gave them a seven day notice to cure back on June 28th back on June 28th and last night I get a call from another tenant that there's a flowerpot on that deck on fire and fortunately the tenant went up and put the fire out the tenant would not come to the door I went up this morning and nailed the notice of seven days to vacate do I need to do do I need to do a three day notice also tom bob in your lease does it say no smoking it does not you next time you may know better right to put no smoking in your linear lease right without question all right so Bob it's not like he's violated the lease because your lease did not say no smoking so really what you're trying to victim on is doing damage to your property and when when the when the tenants default is minor you must give him an opportunity to cure by a seven-day notice you gave him I said you gave him a seven-day notice and said look you're doing damage to my property you're putting your butts out on the deck you're throwing your your butts down a property and then within seven days later he did it again is what you're saying actually a month a month was last night so now you have now you can give them a seven day notice to a victim you do not have to give an opportunity to cure this time right and I'm three day notice I think is for non-payment of rent I think it's a seven day notice now that is what you would use of give them seven days to move out and at the end of that seven days that's when you start the eviction process gotcha okay so I do not have to issue anything else other than what I have because I tacked a seven day notice to vacate up today yeah so Bob I do want let you know this that Rob Salomon is the attorney that our office that does landlord work and you are welcome to call Rob next week at our office and confirm what's going on plus you'd want to show them those seven-day notices that you did Bob now Bob out of curiosity do you do you do your own evictions yes okay so Bob it'd be worthwhile for you to run those seven-day notices by Rob just to make sure that they are proper because you know if your notices are wrong.


How do I write a 30 day notice to landlord?
Just be up front and do something simple, like:"DATE HEREMr/Ms/Mrs Name HereI wish to thank you for being a good landlord.  After a lot of thought, I'm afraid the home I'm in now no longer fits my needs.  As per the requirements of my lease, this is my 30 day notice that I will be leaving on INSERT DATE HERE.  I will turn in my keys to you on that date.  I ask that you perform a move out inspection in my presence so that I can verify any issues you may find during the inspection, and so that I may have an opportunity to fix the problems before you decide to deduct the costs from my security deposit.Again, I thank you for being such a good landlord.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a place to move to.Sincerely,Your Name Here"I would make two copies of it, and probably send the landlord's copy via certified mail so that they cannot say they did not receive it.Hope this helps.D
What are the consequences of not honoring a 30-day move out notice I gave to my landlord?
Read your lease, it is a legal contract. Without 30 days notice, It is likely landlord can demand another month's rent,and enforce it with your security deposit AND ADDITIONAL FOR DAMAGE REPAIR.If you are inexperienced, get an older fart to read your lease to bring reality into your thinking -- we all tend to interpret contracts in our favor and get angry ans shocked when other opibions are closer to legal reality.THIS IS FAIR BECAUSE YOUR 30 DAY NOTICE IS LANDLORD'S OPPORTUNITY TO PREPARE/REPAIR THE PROPERTY TO KEEP HIS INCOME CONSTANT AND KEEP RENT REASONABLE AND COMPETETIVE.This is also fair because you signed the agreement !The more you help your landlorg get the property ready. The better treatment you will get -- offer easy stuff like moving your belongings around so owned can get earliest sccess and get ahead on inspection and getting repairs planned and even started . If you damsged sheetrock, you could spackle it flush and save the owner a half day painters visit $200.00 bare minimum if you invesr $15. Window washing? Super clean. Let owner inspect and maybe negotiate stiff you couls do. (Assuming you can do quality work. If rou ruined something, consider replacing itHe is gonna chatge you for it anyway and you could save his monleying sround to replace an $10.00 lamp sconse. You might do it cheaper, especially if you review your proposed fixes to meer owner's quality needs.There is some psychology involved -- showing owner you want to help his success will affect his attitude toward you. And yes, there are bad landlords. You have to make judgements but your assessment will be better if you talk to owner.
My landlord is asking my family and I to leave the apartment in 2 days, 7 days notice and no compensation, what can I do?
You don’t leave. He can’t legally do that in any state as far as I know. Find out when you legally have to be out, and then that is your actually moving date.Inform him by certified mail that you are not moving out on his illegally stated date, but that you will be out on such and such date. Then start looking for another place toot sweet.You will have to fight for any refunds of damage deposits etc. So if I were you I would leave it spotless and take pictures with a newspaper with the current date in them to prove that you did so in lieu of any damage deposits and let it be. I would do that regardless.But you will have to check what the law is in your state. Here is a site with charts since I don’t know what state that is.State Landlord-Tenant Laws
How many days or weeks notice should you give your landlord before moving out?
How many days or weeks notice should you give your landlord before moving out?As many as you can. Regardless of what is required. Regardless of whether or not you have a lease. If you are planning on moving out the best action is to tell your landlord and plan a smooth exit.
My landlord gave a 60-day notice. It's now over 60 days. How long does the landlord have to file an unlawful possession? Would they have to serve a second 60-day notice?
It should take the time necessary for his attorney to prepare the court summons and have the process server give it to you. On the off-chance that you gave him the rent but he still wants you out, there may be a time limit of 30 days to begin the legal process before it converts into a new month-to-month rental agreement. Assuming you haven’t paid rent for the new month, he is driven by the fact that every day he is losing money, and is not going to delay. But there probably isn’t any particular time limit, except maybe after a few years when you might start to acquire squatters rights.
Can you demand a rent relocation fee in the City of Manhattan Beach CA if the landlord gives a 60 day notice to move out for renovations?
No,a landlord is only required to give proper notice and nothing more.If you are forced out due to conditions of the property, then a landlord must pay to assist in relocation fees
When does my landlord have to pay back my security deposit if I was served a 14-day notice and moved out before my lease ended?
The laws are different in every state. I know that in Massachusetts, If a landlord takes a security deposit from a tenant, that security deposit needs to be put in a completely different bank account that does not have the landlord's name on it. Also while your security deposit is in that account, it accrues interest and your landlord has to give you an accounting of that interest every year. if they don't give you any of that information, you're automatically guaranteed your security deposit back by the Massachusetts housing laws, although you may have course have to take your landlord to court to get it. Also just like when you rent a vehicle, before you move in, the landlord or the property manager usually goes through the apartment with you with a checklist just and makes know of any damages and he cracks any stains any Outlets that don't work etc. It's called a condition report and you both sign it. In Massachusetts, if they did not do one of those with you or even if they did do one but you didn't sign it, you're guaranteed your security deposit back. Your best bet is to contact the housing court in your city or town and ask them those questions. Don't ask Facebook those people have no idea what they're talking about.
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