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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 3 day eviction notice texas

Instructions and Help about 3 day eviction notice texas

Music so the 3-day noticed the pay or quit is actually a seven day notice today I went to court I did it like I normally did today they decided to enforce this law I didn't even know it existed I actually argued with the judge a little bit about why didn't the past judges enforce it and he said that he doesn't know but he said the law has been this way since 98 when he said when you send out a three day notice from the time that you send it out you have to give four days and that's make sure they got it and that they can have time to respond and then that's when your 3 days starts so you certify Mallett you deliver it regular mail and you post it at the door then you have to wait 1 2 3 4 days and then that's when the 3 day actually starts on 2 3 and I'm not quite sure if you can actually file it on this day or if you should wait till the next day my future if I have to file it again I'm gonna be waiting til the next day so for example if you certify Mellet and deliver the other notices on the 6 you're going to be waiting till the 12th or the 13th again I'm waiting until the 13th to file it in court and they will deny you so I'm gonna have to I went ahead and refiled it and uh now I'm gonna have court on the 2nd so I just wasted another month that I'm gonna be losing what rent over this kind of sucks mostly this stuff with the courts kind of can be frustrating when you're having this when you're dealing with a bad tenant in the first place but hopefully this video helps so you can do it yourself and get in there and save the cost of a lawyer even though I had to do it twice I would still say I'm saving money than actually paying a lawyer to do it courts usually around 9:00 9:30 in the morning and it takes about half an hour so you're in and out of there for most evictions as the person doesn't pay you'd normally win as long as you file it correct to give the legal notice and give them certain amount of time so hopefully this helps you guys get in there and get those guys out see you guys later Oh also I forgot there's one thing that the judge did mention he said if you did the three day notice he said if you actually have the sheriff serve the papers he says that you can go ahead on the fourth day and file it in court so if you have to speed that time up if you really need to get him out a little quicker you can go ahead and have the sheriff's.

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