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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Florida residential lease agreement

Instructions and Help about Florida residential lease agreement

This presentation explores residential landlord tenant law in Florida including key concepts and formal legal procedures what is landlord tenant law let's start with an example here we have a very modern-looking apartment building inside we have a one-bedroom one-bath unit this is Lucy landlord she owns the apartment this is kena tenant she is looking for an apartment to rent the focus of this presentation is Florida residential landlord tenant mom the laws may be different in different states also this presentation is focused on the Tampa Bay area question does landlord tenant law primarily deal with Circuit Court or County Court as we will see we are primarily dealing with county court the primary source of law here is Florida Statutes chapter 83 you will see that the Act is organized in three parts our focus is on part two also known as the residential landlord and tenant Act before we move on let's explore what subject areas we are excluding you can see part one deals with non-residential tendencies what does that mean well it means commercial leases such as office space where the tenant does not live on the property also part 3 deals with self-service storage space or storage spaces that are not used for either business offices or residential living so returning to our focus of residential landlord tenant law we are dealing with renting a living space and you can see how we will be focusing on issues that only meet certain general requirements therefore many examples and issues may arise which are outside residential landlord tenant law also the focus today is further tailored to Pinellas County Florida and the surrounding Tampa Bay area whenever you are dealing with a landlord-tenant issue I urge you to first go to your county clerk for initial guidance and materials you're County Clerk website for example probably has templates of many of the landlord tenant documents for formal legal actions such as evictions here is the Pinellas County Clerk website which has tons of great information and resources as we move along don't worry about writing down these websites links will be included in the description box of this video including links to many document templates you can use here is the Pasco County Clerk web site Pinellas County and Pasco County make up the 6th Judicial Circuit of Florida the Sixth Circuit web site is another great resource for information and materials here's the Hillsborough County Clerk's website again the point is to reach out to the County Clerk for whatever the property is located another great resource for all of Florida is Florida law help org this site provides great materials for all sorts of legal issues here under eviction you can see they offer a space where you can click for free do-it-yourself legal forms when you click the link it takes you to a module that will walk you through step by step to fill in the information to generate.

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