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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Florida non renewal of lease notice

Instructions and Help about Florida non renewal of lease notice

Let's go now and talk to Pauline from Orlando Pauline you're on Newstalk WDB oh go ahead hello thank you for taking my call I have a rental property that which I would like to occupy and the lease is up for my current tenants at the end of September notice do I need to give to her forth for her to vacate the house and that I will not renew the lease tell me the when does your lease end okay without you giving any notice to your tenant without your tenant giving any notice to you the last day of September that tenant should be gone there's nothing you should have to do further to do that for that tenant to be gone if I wanna if on October 1 or 2 or 3 their tenant is still there then you're gonna have to give them some kind of notice to begin an eviction process not based on non-payment of rent but simply because they have exceeded the lease terms over in Windermere and so her children currently it can you know I'm sure that she wants to stay within that neighborhood okay and so I don't want to be you know well then I think you can say hey then legally you don't obligate it you're not obligated to but from a practical point of view it may be wise for you to contact your tenant and say look I'm not obligated to give you notice I want you to know that our lease ends on September 30th I want you to know that I expect you to be vacated by September 30th I am NOT going to extend this lease for any period of time if you're still there on October 1 I'm gonna give you notice I'm gonna begin evicting you because I thought I had to give her at least 60 days notice that would be wrong in all respects Pauline so good luck to you bye bye you.


Does Florida Statue 83.57 mean we were supposed to get a 60-day notice of non-renewal of the yearly lease agreement?
Does Florida Statue 83.57 mean we were supposed to get a 60-day notice of non-renewal of the yearly lease agreement? What is the procedure to send an eviction notice? My tenant's lease is about to expire and I don't want to renew the lease and use the place for my own. Can I draft notice and take sign and notary of an advocate on it? Can a landlord increase your rent by over 5%? We have been renting for 10 years. We had a year lease initially. Yesterday the landlord calls and informs me he is raising the rent $400.00 per month and wants us to sign a new lease committing to a year. How long do I have to respond? My husband and I are looking into moving across the country. We have never rented before, and my credit score is below average. Can I pay a year’s lease upfront? America, America Why do just about all Europeans and Canadians here all hate Americans and think we are all knuckle-dragging uneducated buffoons who never travel, don’t speak foreign langua... What is the reason for not allowing volunteers for jury duty? Why are people forced to serve on a jury who want nothing to do with it? Is imprisoning large numbers of people a threat to democracy or a means of protecting it?
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