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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 3 day notice form

Instructions and Help about 3 day notice form

Hi Steve silverstein here I'd like to talk to you about service of a three-day notice Peter quit a service of a 60-day notice 90-day notice a 30-day notice a nuisance notice or perform governer to quit I have my hand a declaration of service to Tennant this is the form that's on my website for that you can easily download this is the form that has to be filled out after you serve the notice you do not give this an attendant it goes to the court it explains to the court how you served the notice it's under penalty of perjury and your and your signature goes on the bottom in the state of California to serve a notice there are basically three ways to serve it first way is is you go over to the property you knock on the door any hand a copy to the tenant now if the tenant doesn't want to take it in his hand you can drop it at his feet and that is considered a personal service or if you won't open the door you can tell them I have a three-day notice pay rent or quit you can drop it in front of them if you won't open the door that is still considered a personal service the second way if you've done that you've completed your service if he's not home you've tried three times which is considered diligent efforts and it's a couple hours apart you can then post the copy on the door by paper tack now that doesn't mean slide it under the door or put it in the mail slot or the mailbox that means a fix it to the door by tape or tack and then you go to your neighborhood mailbox or post office and put a copy in the Mail's addressed to each one of the tenants with a 44 cent stamp on it not certified not registered but 44 cent stamp the third way is called substituted service that's where you go to the house and there's somebody there of suitable age and discretion now you can't give it to a minor but you can give it to an adult that it's a suitable age and discretion a member of the household if you know who that person is you can hand them a copy and then mail a copy by 44 cents snap and then you fill out your notice and then you give it to your attorney.

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