florida notice to vacate no lease

florida notice to vacate no lease

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You know this is a complex question and I've had lots of situations involving this the answer is yes but you're going to have to establish that there's a landlord-tenant relationship first in other words have you been collecting rent from them if you can prove that there was that relationship in other words they were paying rent every week every day every month something like that and establish that you have that and then you can establish that they stopped paying then yes you can evict them the key is whether or not they were actually a tenant versus somebody else that you allowed to stay there or well you know all these other things which might end up being another type of lawsuit there's going to be a lot more involved you


Could I send a notice to vacate 30 days before the end of the lease?
Though this is dependant on the specific laws in your jurisdiction, generally, your recourse is somewhat limited and will depend on whether there was a lease in place or whether it was a month-to-month tenancy.If there was a lease in place, the tenant is responsible for the rent until the lease expires or you rent out the apartment (keep in mind that most jurisdictions will make you mitigate damages so you will need to prove that you tried to rent out the apartment as soon as you could).If it was a month-to-month tenancy, your damages would be a full month’s rent, or, the pro-rated rent for the time the apartment was empty if it was less than a month (ex. if the tenant moves out on 3/30 without notice and you are able to rent out the apartment on 4/15, you would be able to sue for unpaid rent for the period that the apartment was empty).The caveat here is that unless the security deposit covers your losses, you will have to sue for the money and then collect.
Can I give a renter with no lease a two week notice to move out?
The termination for a tenancy-at-will depends on the laws of your state. For example: California requires a 30 day notice to terminate unless the tenancy lasted for a year or more, then a 60 day notice to terminate must be used.Therefore, visit the following resources to learn the termination requirements for a month-to-month lease (also known as a tenancy-at-will) for your state:YouTube video on Month-to-Month Lease terminations.Website with information about monthly rental agreement laws:American Landlord - Landlord-Tenant Laws, Articles, Videos, and More.
How can I get my name off of a month-to-month co-tenant lease? Three out of four tenants have vacated the property and given notice to the landlord, but the landlord refuses to take our name off of the lease. This is a rent controlled area.
Give him 30 days registered letter and say see ya. After you do that it ceases to be a lease so whether or not he wants to he cant have a lease full of people who have gone with notice and turned in the key remember to give keys back ….if its rent controlled which i am not familar ' i can't see it being hard at all to get another person in… not your problem though, notice , keys gone.
How do I get rid of a tenant with no lease renting on a month to month basis, after being give 30 day notice to vacate legal for when can I change locks?
As most of the answers have stated, the applicable law in your jurisdiction will determine the difficulty - there are attorneys that specialize in landlord-tenant law, and they have the machinery honed for the particular laws in your area. If you want to DIY, start with the Nolo Press book for Landlords. It has all the forms and general instructions on how to proceed. The best method and cheapest is to induce the tenant to leave by making sure he understands that once he is force-ably evicted, he will have one hell if a time finding another landlord that will accept him. Almost all landlords now use one of the services that digs up all the dirt on a prospective tenant, and almost no Landlord will rent to anyone who has put another landlord in the position of having to pursue an eviction. The time tables are different in different jx. In Calif its 3 days on defaults and 60 days if the tenant has been in possession for more than a year. Other states it’s 7 days before a NOTICE OF DEFAULT can be served. If the the tenant not is not in default, many states now required a 60 day notice. If the tenat ignores the notice, then you proceed with the action by serving a notice of default for failure to vacate, Never enter into any kind of murky agreement oral or written, that can be interpreted as giving the tenant any sort of option in any way - this automatically can be used to defeat a summary proceeding for eviction - then your looking at months of litigation in a complex case that can be stalled for a long time. Never do anything that will allow the tenant to raise a counter claim like changing the locks or turning off the utilities - he can then counter for punitive damages, vindictive eviction, you name it. These all add to time required to recover possession. The secret of success on a summary proceeding is to follow the prescribed procedure precisely - make sure the tenant and all other occupants are properly served - any defect in the service and you will have to start all over. If a tenant fights the eviction, usually you won’t get possession in any time less than two months from the date you first served the first notice.
What happens if a room partner wants to break lease and move out without much prior notice? How it will impact other people in lease?
This assumes all three are on the lease:Those who remain will have to pick up the slack and pay for the lease. Sometimes leaving room mates is unavoidable, but the one who leaves has an ethical financial responsibility to the 2 who remain and a legal one to the landlord.A court might determine after the fact that the legal responsibility applies to the 2 deserted room mates, too. One exception to this could be if the 2 who remain caused the 3rd to leave.Regardless, the landlord is not going to accept 2/3 of the rent and will evict the 2 remaining if they can’t pay the rent. He will then probably sue all 3 in court if the rent is not paid in full. So it is to the 3rd party’s advantage to do the right thing here.All three should try as hard as they can to find an eligible and agreeable room mate to take the 3rd’s place as soon as possible. And the 3rd should share in the rent expense until the new room mate is found.
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