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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Florida notice to vacate no lease

Instructions and Help about Florida notice to vacate no lease

You know this is a complex question and I've had lots of situations involving this the answer is yes but you're going to have to establish that there's a landlord-tenant relationship first in other words have you been collecting rent from them if you can prove that there was that relationship in other words they were paying rent every week every day every month something like that and establish that you have that and then you can establish that they stopped paying then yes you can evict them the key is whether or not they were actually a tenant versus somebody else that you allowed to stay there or well you know all these other things which might end up being another type of lawsuit there's going to be a lot more involved you.


What are the laws on eviction with no lease in Florida?
What are the laws on eviction with no lease in Florida?nIs it legal for a landlord to give you a 30 day notice to vacate the house because she's selling?nWhy would anyone leave sun-drenched Florida and move to another U.S. state?nIf I have been paying my rent consistently on time does my landlord have to issue me a notice to vacate before evicting me?nA tenant in Florida with an unwanted guest how to remove from home?nShould you make up a lease violation to oust a tenant you just canu2019t stand?nMy landlord did not accept my 2-month termination notice because it's 10 days late. What can I do?nWhat can I do? My tenants are refusing to pay rent for 2 months (no lease) and are not vacating. They only ask for the late rent notice.n
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